Cash into the business

Ataraxia are happy to inject cash into your brokerage. This could be for growth plans, acquisitions, funding a specific project, or simply helping to manage the ebbs and flow of your income stream.

Broker 1

The CEO of this commercial insurance broker joined Ataraxia as he was attracted to our placement strategy.  He appreciated the strength of our insurer partner relationships, and that this could enhance the broking prowess of his team – and not least the additional revenue this generates for the business!

Broker 2

This commercial insurance broker in the North has two Director/Shareholders.  Ataraxia have taken a minority shareholding in the company, without encroaching on voting or dividends.  This broker has partnered with Ataraxia to aid the growth of the business through acquisitions, and the unique way we can fund these for the acquiring broker, and we have assisted with one to date, transforming the size of the brokerage.  We continue to work with the business to identify more.

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