Dave Johnston

Managing Director of BEAM Insurance

BEAM Insurance

“When we first heard about the Ataraxia model we were a little skeptical,  and thought it was possibly all a bit too good to be true. After some further research, and joining back in January 2014, we can say our experience has been “exactly as it was described on the tin” … to use a now common phrase !

Working with Stuart, Adam and the Crew (too many helpful people to name them all, but you know who you are !) has been a joy. The working relationship is a true partnership where we can –  and do – bounce ideas around, and then work on them together for our mutual benefit. The Ataraxia team bring a broad range of experience to the table.

The bedrock to our business is all about cultivating great relationships … particularly with key markets such as AXA and Allianz. From our experience, over the past 3 years, I am pleased to advise our relationship with Ataraxia is one of the most valued over our 22 year trading history … certainly one of our better decisions.”

Dave Johnston
Managing Director of BEAM Insurance
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