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Chris Dunn

Director of Swinford Insurance Consultants Ltd

Swinford Insurance Consultants Ltd

“Having reached the point where we needed to give some thought to an exit strategy, we had loosely spoken to a number of networks and some larger brokers, but were not attracted to any of the propositions put to us. Then along came Ataraxia, who clearly had a different idea on how things could be done. Signing up meant giving up some equity – but in return cash has been released. A form of early retirement if you like, but still being fully involved in the business, without any interference at all.

Placing business with partner insurers is the stuff of networks – but in Ataraxia’s case, they are not greedy, and substantial additional revenue comes to you, the broker.  Refreshing or what!  They help place business if requested, and, whilst they encourage you to use partner insurers, they are quite happy for you to continue dealing with non-partner insurers if you choose – there is no pressure at all.  Welcoming Ataraxia on board has been the smoothest of processes and for us a win-win situation, if ever there was one.”

Chris Dunn
Director of Swinford Insurance Consultants Ltd
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